Award-winning artist to host Ulverston-themed exhibition at Ford Park

Ford Park Flyer

Popular local artist, Jack Webster, will open his exhibition ‘Ulverston and Beyond’ at Ford Park next month.

Speaking ahead of the exhibition, which begins on July 6, Jack says his work aims to capture ‘what makes Ulverston so great and special.’

Jack said: “My paintings seek to bring out the character of the town and capture the vibrancy of the festivals that sparkle with colour.

“From a rain coated Roxy Cinema dazzling in neon lights, to the amber glowing lanterns descending on King Street, all Ulverstonians are familiar with these special moments.”

The town of Ulverston is certainly a source of inspiration for Jack, who began his Art career at the age of 19.

He added: “The way in which light and shadows cast shapes over the town greatly inspires my work. Another more recent source of inspiration is my night scenes. They allow me to explore the town in a different mood.

“I like to focus on a subject up close so the viewer is looking ‘around it’ and not just ‘at it.’ For instance in Market St. Flag Festival, the deep blue shadows push our attention towards the sunlit shops on the left.

“Ulverston will always be a source of inspiration for years to come.”

Jack mostly works inside a studio, but inspiration often leads him outside to produce sketches and take photographs. His work appears at regular exhibitions, art markets and in various shops. For more information on Jack and his work, visit

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