Creative teacher hosts first solo art exhibition at Ford Park

Andy Currie-Scarr - Dog image

Local artist Andy Currie-Scarr is proudly holding his first solo art exhibition – which opened to the public at Ford Park this week.

The exhibition, called Heart and Soul, includes more than 20 pieces of work, from wild animals and pets, to cars and pop icons.

Working in a variety of media, including acrylics, oils, pastels and mixed media, Andy takes much of his inspiration from the students he teaches at Barrow Sixth Form College.

Speaking about his work, Andy says: “I love helping the students push their boundaries as artists and the creative environment of the classroom helps me experiment with my own work.

“Artists who inspire me include Guy Denning and Shepherd Fairey, as I like to have fluid and experimental elements to my work with a degree of refined detail, hence I have tried many different media and textured surfaces.

“The Pop Icons paintings were my first creative venture and are more experimental with the use of mark making techniques. Oil pastel work is a relatively new exploration for me, as I love the quick ‘sketchy’ feel and the limited spectrum of pastels allows me to exaggerate colours and features.

“My highly detailed oil paintings of cars are a contrast to my quick and loose style to capture the spirit and movement of animals, while painting on driftwood which I have collected at local beaches creates allows for more of a challenge.”

The Heart and Soul exhibition will be on display in the Coach House Café until January 6, 2019, with artwork for sale.

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