Mature sycamore tree update

Sycamore tree - 2019

Our beautiful sycamore near the entrance of Ford Park has been unwell for many years. Sadly, it has an open cavity and decay in its trunk. Although over the past few years we have taken action to reduce the risk, our most recent tree safety inspection indicates that the cavity has increased and that the decay continues to colonise the trunk. As a result, unfortunately the tree will need to be felled in the near future to remove the risk to the public.

We will be retaining parts of the tree for wildlife value and possibly some form of sculpture as part of the park heritage, possibly connected to the Native Species Tree Arboretum (a botanical collection composed exclusively of trees) that we plan to develop this year together with the community orchard.

We are very proud of our mature trees on the park and we are very sad to see it go, but public safety has to come first.

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