Update on our mature sycamore tree

Sycamore tree - 2019
An update on our mature sycamore tree from our Chief Executive, Jill…
As you are aware, our beautiful sycamore at the entrance of Ford Park has been unwell for many years. It has an open cavity and decay in its trunk. Despite our best efforts over the past 12 years, the cavity has increased and decay continues to colonise the trunk.
Our application to SLDC to fell the tree has now been approved and we will be moving ahead with plans to remove the crown in the coming weeks.
So what next. Well, we are planning to remove the crown of the tree and leave the majority of the tree trunk in situ, retaining as much of its wildlife benefit as possible. Because of its internal cavity, our tree is partially hollow with large pockets of decay and will continue to serve as an important structure and habitat for foraging, nesting and roosting. It will continue to be a home to birds and insects.
Small branches and brash will be chipped to provide mulch in the park and gardens. We will use small branches and timber to create habitat piles. Larger branches and timber will be salvaged and reused in various ways. If possible, we will be use some of the larger branches to create more seating on the park.
The work will most likely take a couple of days. We will not be closing the driveway, however groundsmen will pause pedestrians and traffic as branches are lowered until it is safe to pass.
A condition of the planning approval is the succession planting of two trees of a heavy standard. We will be going well beyond this with the native species arboretum and our community orchard due to begin this Winter and continue into Spring.
We will keep everyone updated regarding progress.

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