Our Big Give Christmas Challenge 2021 begins now – can you pledge to support us?

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It may only be August but the first phase of the Big Give Christmas Challenge has started and we need your help!

Ford Park Community Group is taking part in this year’s challenge to raise money to help maintain and manage the park and also support our Socially Inclusive Volunteering programme.

But before the online match funding campaign goes live in November, we need to secure ‘pledges ‘ – promises of funding to help us create a pot of money, which will hopefully be boosted by funds from a Big Give champion. This collective pot will then be used to double donations made to Ford Park during the live campaign!

Tell me more about how the money raised from the Big Give Christmas Challenge will be used?

We plan to use the money in two ways…

  • Help maintain and manage this essential community green space for all to enjoy for their health and wellbeing.
  • Support our Socially Inclusive Volunteering programme, which is vital to so many. Approximately 60 per cent of our volunteers are vulnerable or have additional needs. Many are referred through local agencies and include people with learning difficulties, those isolated and the unemployed. Our volunteering scheme helps develop skills and reduces isolation. Not forgetting, we simply could not manage Ford Park without our amazing team of volunteers.

So, how do I make a pledge?

We are looking for supporters who can pledge a minimum of £100 (or anything more than that) to help create our funding pot.

Can you help us reach our target of £2,000 before pledging closes on August 27?

To make a pledge, please click here

Pledges will become due for payment once the live phase of the campaign ends (Dec 7) and we will be in touch after, so don’t worry about forgetting! There is also no need to transfer any money before then, or your pledge will fall out of the matched funding pot.

We will keep everyone updated with how our pledge appeal goes – fingers crossed we do well and we get off to a great start ahead of the live campaign later in the year!

Thank you for your support.

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