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Bounce Fest at Ford Park

We had a fabulous weekend and lots of fun at Bounce Fest!

A huge thank you to everyone who joined in the fun, there was a fantastic atmosphere on the park.

The children loved the inflatables, and it was wonderful to see families with picnic blankets relaxing and enjoying the fun!

We teamed up with Hardy's Soft Play to bring a fun filled day of inflatables to the park! There were bouncy castles and inflatable assault courses for children of all ages: Air Mountain

Woodland Fun Run 19ft Platform Slide Disco Dome Bouncy Castle Big 'Bish Bash' Bouncy Castle

5 Foot Up and Over slide Toddler Play Park Rainbow Toddler Activity Castle Thanks to Hardy's Bounce Fest UK for a fabulous day, and also to Coffee D’Ash UK for coming along and keeping our energy levels up with hot and cold drinks and delicious cakes! The event was a sell out and monies raised will go towards the upkeep of our beautiful, charity park. If you have pictures from the day you’d like to share with us, please do, we’d love to see them.

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