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Japanese Students Praise Ford Park

Students from Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan, recently travelled to Cumbria for 10 days to study ‘Sustainability in Action’ in and around the Lake District.

The students, who were hosted by the University of Cumbria’s Outdoor Studies team at their Ambleside campus, were particularly impressed by projects such as Ford Park that engage the community in social and environmental action and work with volunteers.

This is not a common occurrence in Japan.

One student was so inspired by Ford Park, he intends to set up his community’s first ever community group as his first step now he has graduated – what an impact we have had!

Here’s a look at some of the students’ comments…

‘Ford Park was a very good time for me – I felt how important the connection is between people and people, community. They looked very happy because of Ford Park.’

‘It was really nice to visit Ford Park, I learned about society by visiting and talking to the people there – I wish I could volunteer.’

‘Ford Park was especially one of the best places I visited because I was impressed with the community power. I love that atmosphere.’

First published 27th March, 2018

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