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Meet Hoadie, the latest member of 'What The Flock?'

We asked all of our social media followers to help us chose a name for the pom-pom sheep that we created as part of the ArtWorks - Art 4 All project - 'What the Flock?'

We wanted something sheepish, with a hint of the park and maybe the Hoad.

We had some wonderful suggestions which we then asked our team to vote on - and by popular demand, our lovely pom-pom sheep is called... drum roll please... Hoadie.

Thank you everyone for joining in the fun.

Hoadie made her first public appearance at Apple Day this year where she tried to pull the wool over the eyes of our local PCSOs - but they didn't fall for her baaa-rmy story haha.

You'll find Hoadie in the Williams Room if you come to one of our events, and she's even been know to participate in a pilates class or two...

First Published 1st October 2022

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