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The BIG GIVE Christmas Challenge

First Published 28th November 2022

This year we are taking part in the BIG Give Christmas Challenge to raise £2,500 in just 7 days so we can access an additional £2,500 from the match fund pot!

Ford Park is so much more than just a park. We have our native arboretum, wild flower gardens, trails, community orchard, walled garden and so much more – but when walking through the park, how many of the trees and plants do you recognise?

Money raised during the BIG Give Campaign will be used as part of our new project ‘Play, Learn and Explore at Ford Park’.

By adding interactive information boards around the park and on our website, we can engage and educate on the important role the park plays on the environment and our wellbeing.

These boards will play a huge part in the learning experience of the schools and groups who visit the park.

This project will also enable us to improve pathways, and introduce additional native wildflower species, including sensory planting to engage members of our community that may otherwise be unable to experience all areas of the park.

We know that the cost of living crisis is having a huge impact on members of our community, and really do appreciate any donation you can make, every £1 will take us closer to our target. If you can help, please donate via the campaign link below, and please share this post with friends and family to help us raise our target.

First Published 28th November 2022

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