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What's Hazel up to in the garden in January?

Hazel has been really busy in the garden since we came back from the Christmas break, so we asked her what she was up to…  

“Well, I’ve done lots and lots of planning for veg and flower growing. Deciding what vegetables we will grow in the garden as well as what vegetable plants and annual bedding we will grow for selling and how and when it will all get sown so it is ready to plant out as the weather and soil warms up.

The wet weather we’ve been having is an ideal time to do it.

I also have my eyes on the perennial beds and we are starting to weed through them and cut back any old growth. Most of the perennials are just beginning to start shooting so if you look carefully you can see them coming.

Weeding round the plants, while you can see the soil is an easy task and by just disturbing the soil and the weed seedlings that are beginning to germinate it will kill them so allowing your plants to get a head start.

Our garlic, planted just before Christmas has sprouted which is very exciting as far as I am concerned. I have been working in the horticultural industry for a long time and I still get a real boost from seeing seeds germinate and plants sprout, especially if I’ve sown/planted them. Hopefully the garlic will continue to do well.

Another major job for this time of year is lifting and dividing the perennial plants that have got overgrown or overcrowded. Once the plants have been split up, ensuring each clump has some roots and shoots, we will replanted some and the rest we can pot up to grow on, and during the summer sell. We have some lovely plants in the walled garden and I would like to have some for sale so you can buy what you see growing.

And to finish on another yippee moment, the Iris bulbs that we have forced have been brought into the warm and within a week have begun to flower! We also have crocus, grape hyacinth, narcissus, hyacinths and tulips on their way.

Look out for the splash of colour in the sales area soon.

We couldn’t resist sharing this picture that was taken of Hazel in the garden for the Cumbria Life magazine back in September.


If you’ve not met Hazel yet, you’ll find her working in the greenhouse and garden on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays – give her a wave if you’re passing.

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