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Art in the Park is delighted to introduce Henok.

Art in the Park is delighted to introduce Henok. A remarkable man with an amazing story!

Henok is originally from Eritrea but left when he was 8 years old due an oppressive regime that did not allow religious freedoms. The religion that Henok’s family followed was banned and he had to move to Sudan with his Uncle.

This is when he found his love of drawing and realised he had a talent for it. Henok and his family did not have the money to afford art supplies and he would draw on the tin fence where he lived, collected scraps of paper from the rubbish bins and used wood chips as pencils.

image of a small boat on a lake at sunset
image of a small boat on a lake at sunset

Throughout Henok’s life he has moved across different countries trying to seek safety, and a place to call home. Henok spent a number of years in Belgium and France and often found himself living in a tent in a forest, feeling very unsafe and making it difficult for him to continue with his art.

Henock decided travelled to the UK as he spoke some English and believed there is true freedom of religion here.

Since arriving Henok has been able to start his drawing again thanks to the support of local charities that have provided him with the art supplies he needed. He is such an amazing artist and would one day love to complete his education to be able to teach Art in the UK.

Henok finally feels safe and supported and told us “You made me feel like my family is with me”.

We are thrilled to be welcoming him to Art in the Park. To see Henok’s work and that of the amazing artists exhibiting, come along to Ford Park on Sunday 23rd July from 11am

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