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Volunteer Day Out to Hollin Bank Farm

At the end of October Hazel, Moray, Toby and our wonderful team of volunteers went on a little road trip and took the community minibus to visit an upland organic farm at the head of Coniston Water.

Hollin Bank Farm looks down over the rolling fields to the shore of the lake and comprises of field pasture, hay meadows, and oak woodland that includes ancient temperate rainforest and upland fell. Owner Holly also has sheep, cattle, hens, geese, pigs and a vegetable plot on the farm, and is in the process of restoring all 120 acres to be ecologically sustainable.

On arrival the team met with Holly, Katharine and Megan who explained how by using traditional practises they are improving the health of the land, the farm, and the community.

After the grand tour, our team split into two groups and set off to do what they love to do – get their hands dirty and do some work!

There are deer in the oak woodland so regeneration of that area is slow, so one half of our team helped to construct one of many 100 square metre enclosures, which will protect the young trees.

Meanwhile in another part of the farm, under the shade of ancient yews, the other half of the Ford Park team got to grips with the patching up and rebuilding of a section of dry-stone wall.

At lunchtime everyone headed to a barn furnished with hale bales and our hosts bought cake and hot drinks.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day out; a welcome change to the more familiar surroundings of Ford Park, and they returned home having learned new skills and buzzing with fresh ideas to bring to the park.

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