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Woodland Trail Opening a Success

Updated: Feb 19

A huge thank you to everyone who came to the opening of our Woodland Animal Trail!

The ribbon was cut by Eira, who did an excellent job.

Particular thanks go to Moray, who constructed the trail signs and Graphix Signs in Barrow, who produced the trail maps and question signs.

The trail starts at the top of the playground, by the entrance to the wood.

-         Follow the map and instructions by the start of the trail

-         Find the signs and answer their questions

-         Guess which animal is behind each paw sign and see if you’re correct

Are you able to guess all the animals? Test your knowledge and see if you can find out more about our local wildlife.

There are also craft activities and puzzles in the Garden area this half term, so come join us and have some fun!

Read more about the Woodland Animal Trail here

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